Our Client Feedback

Adam Gallant

Owner/Operator, The Hill Sound Studio PEI

Wavefront acoustics were able to quickly identify weaknesses in our speaker setup and came up with a strategy to best use our existing equipment for optimal sound on playback.  I have loosely configured and positioned my speakers in the past but never felt like their positioning or volume were trustworthy.  Before Trevor and Bob arrived I was having to check my mixes in headphones to get a sense of the true left right balance.  Also, before their work, I did not have a confident read on true reference level volume at listening position.  The Wavefront team brought in a laser level and software tools; they took great care and attention in order to position our speakers in perfect symmetry.  The results have me feeling very confident about the balance of my mixes from a stereo stand point and, thanks to their calculations, I now know exactly where to park my volume knob for true reference level mixing.  If you’re a consumer of sound, an audio professional like myself or have a space in need of some corrective sound treatment, I cannot recommend their services enough.


Karl Lee, ON

Although I would not necessarily classify myself as an “audiophile” I have always appreciated and desired a proper sounding stereo system. Room acoustics are often overlooked (Admittedly, I too was guilty of this!) yet it plays such an integral part in the overall listening experience.

Many thanks to Trevor at Wavefront Acoustics as I have realized the benefits of his expertise in addressing the acoustics of my listening space.

Interest in replacing my fifteen year old stereo system came after visiting a local audio retailer. I was amazed at how much technology had advanced and the quality of sound that could be had at a reasonable cost. Being a value oriented consumer my system upgrade began with speakers purchased on the used market. This resulted in such an immediate improvement that it peaked my interest for further system upgrades.

After many hours of researching audio forums and equipment reviews this led to my upgrading of amplification, source and cables. Over the next couple of years and several component changes later I seemed to hit what I’ll describe as a sound improvement plateau. By that I mean changing/upgrading equipment was no longer resulting in the exponential increase in sound quality I had experienced earlier on. It was at this point that I had enlisted the services of Trevor at Wavefront Acoustics.

Due to proximity issues, all communications were done via email. He did offer me to call for more immediate responses but he always responded quickly and fully to my email questions. I was asked to give very detailed information about my listening space (ie. living room) and was presented with a comprehensive eight page plan detailing the issues that needed to be addressed. I really appreciated the supporting background information he gave in the report and he was able to present it in lay terms as I had very limited knowledge on the subject.

My space is not a dedicated listening room yet Trevor was able to work around my non-traditional layout and wife imposed aesthetic limitations. His assessment was to deal mainly with flutter echo and reduce decay time of mid/high frequencies using acoustic panels and existing furniture as diffusers. First reflections and bass trapping was not really an issue due to the room layout. Using 3D modeling he was able visually demonstrate the required changes in furniture positioning and acoustic panel placement.

Trevor’s empirical predictions were indeed correct because EVERY song I listen to now sounds better: stereo separation, detail, dynamics, clarity and timbre of voices and instruments, bass response and clarity.

My experience with Wavefront Acoustics from start to finish has been very positive and the results extremely rewarding. This project has been one of the most cost effective upgrades I’ve done and I am well pleased. It is without reservations that I recommend Trevor to anyone looking to maximize the sound potential of their audio system.

Before                                                                                                After